T he words “Tayrona Park” evoke many things together such as exuberant nature, ancestral cultures, trekking, landscaping, beautiful beaches, water activities, family destination, and a perfect climate to take that much desired break and let yourself be served with the quality that a hotel in The Tayrona Park can offer.

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  • We came here unexpectedly after being very disappointed with our time in Taganga and cutting it short. We LOVED this place. We had no complaints. I cannot believe the value of the accommodation and level of service that you can get with the prices. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL hidden gem. PLEASE go here if you have the opportunity!

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Boston, Massachusetts Tripadvisor
  • For what it is--a true eco hotel (maloka-style rooms, gorgeous natural setting, no AC, no hot water)--this place deserves 5 stars. Worried about amenities? Content yourself with a great massage and the hypnotic THUNDER of the surf and forget about anything that requires electricity. With the constant sea breeze, I felt no need for air conditioning (the rooms have fans), but I was never cold enough to need hot water.

    Pereira, Colombia
    Pereira, Colombia Tripadvisor
  • We were a big group of 28 people from all over the world, celebrating a post-wedding trip (group honeymoon?) in Colombia. I cannot even describe what a pleasant and relaxing stay we had at this ecohotel! First of all, the location is amazing and took our breath away! The water was excellent for swimming and the beach was beautiful! The accommodations were excellent

    User: IoanaKnowsBest
    User: IoanaKnowsBest Triapadvisor
  • The place is paradise, Beautifully artistically created cabins that are only a steps from the beach. The uniqueness of this place allows real relaxation on a wonderful quiet clean beach (and pool). It felt like home and we were treated so well by all the staff.

    Irish TripAdvisor

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