Playa La Roca Ecohotel offers you a different and romantic wedding among palm trees, sand, rocks, coconuts, sounds of nature, starry skies and the immensity of the sea. You will be able to carry out your dream event in the company of your loved ones; Playa La Roca makes your wedding dream a reality according to your needs. For this occasion, our hotel is pleased to present a simple and romantic solution on one of the most special days of your life.

Flowers from the region will be handled with a high degree of artistic design; and all events will be under careful logistics to provide you with the absolute tranquility distinctive of a hotel with ample wedding planning experience.

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  1. This quote does not imply confirmation of the event. To book the hotel on the date you wish, the hotel requires a deposit of 35% of the total value of the event to secure its date.
    2. This quote is subject to VAT collection and generates invoices for our customers. Except payments with foreign credit cards.
    3. For the management of liquor Playa La Roca offers two options:
  2. For weddings up to 25 people, you can hire the services of the hotel bar for which you will have an available menu with special prices for events.
  3. For weddings of more than 26 people, Playa La Roca makes it easy for the couple to bring liquor for the wedding day. On this account, a corkage fee will be charged per bottle which includes all necessary glassware; the bride and groom will take care of the purchase of the liquor, the ice and the ingredients (soda, fruit according to the desired cocktails.)

Corkage fee per bottle of wine or champagne $ 20,000 COP, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin etc.

$25,000 COP.

Beer corkage fee $ 1,000 COP.

Every bottle open at the Hotel will be charged.  There is minimum consumption.

Corkage must be canceled 1 day before the wedding; in case of remaining bottles of liquor without consuming, the hotel will refund the money corresponding to these bottles.

To block 100% of the Hotel, you must have at least 30 people staying at Playa La Roca Ecohotel, for two nights.

The bride and groom will receive the wedding night as a courtesy.

Decoration: It will be done by mutual agreement between the hotel and the couple. It is necessary to take into account that in case of wanting or longing for your wedding with many details and protocols, you must take the PREMIUM option or else you could handle those details with the help of family and friends; which is also doable.
5. The remaining 65% deposit can be deposited in the course of not more than 15 days before the wedding date.
6. Guests must stay at the hotel, and cancel 40% of the value of the reservation one month before the wedding.
7. The lodging reservations at Playa la Roca can be modified or canceled until 60 days before the event.
8. Any lodging reservation that is not canceled within the established schedule, must be paid by those responsible for the booking.
9. In case you do not reserve the entire hotel, we have a restricted schedule for the party: until 11:00 p.m.; otherwise you must reserve the exclusivity of the hotel to be able to carry out the party until 2 or 3 a.m.
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We will be at your complete disposal to serve you and attend any additional questions that may arise.

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