Our Life History

We are a family born in between a story of the urban and the Kogui culture of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with children born in those mountains and with more than 40 years of living experiences there.

Samila and Mario founded the hotel project Playa la Roca, with the intention of sharing with its guests this particular family story and natural way of life, also offering pleasant and comfortable spaces built with forms and organic elements, surrounding the visitor with an atmosphere as natural as possible.

Similarly, for our cuisine we use fresh food yielded by the sea and land, resulting in a product not only tasty but also healthy.

All these characteristics create sensations that resonate with our intimate spaces and the sensitivity of the human being, providing a state of peace and well-being.


Playa La Roca Ecohotel, the ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams. Located in one of the most extraordinary magical paradises facing the sea in Colombia and the world, in the Palomino Guajira sector, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea. We have a privileged geographical location in the middle of a paradisiacal beach, which makes us the private, intimate and exclusive place to make your dream wedding come true on the beach, for this reason and for the privilege of the location where we are, weddings facing the sea have become one of our most requested plans.

We care about every detail, we are specialists in the personalized design of your wedding, we seek to know the essence of each of our bride and groom and capture it on their special day.

Samila Cifuentes, Co-creator of our wonderful Eco hotel Playa la Roca; has 14 years of experience in weddings and event planning, to design, make and document all the details of your dream oceanfront wedding with your feet on the sand in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

We have perfect logistics and a dreamlike paradisiacal setting in the world, so that you and your guests can celebrate unforgettable moments outdoors.

We perform Catholic, symbolic (Koggi indigenous), Christian and civil weddings.


Get to know the distinctive architecture of Playa La Roca

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